Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment(KCARE) was established to coordinate and enhance research, extension and teaching activities pertaining to environmental issues related to agriculture.

Our Mission is to develop and deliver knowledge that helps Kansans balance 'utilization' and 'protection' of natural resources today and into the future. 

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Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas
Governor Brownback charged his administration, including the Kansas Water Office, Kansas Department of Agriculture, and Kansas Water Authority, along with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, to lead the vision and called upon the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors to engage in the planning since water and the economy are closely linked.
The Vision will take the Kansas Water Plan to a whole new level with more intense work with government, cities and counties, the groundwater management districts, water assurance districts, industry and stakeholders to develop this vision and area specific goals for ensuring a reliable water supply for Kansas citizens.
The Visioning Team will be conducting coordinated outreach with many stakeholders throughout the state representing all uses of water. Feedback gained from these stakeholder meetings will serve the basis of the draft Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas.
To find a list of upcoming outreach meetings, go to http://www.kwo.org/50_Year_Vision/50_Year_Vision.htm
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